Nick Diegel, who collection a document at last year’s LaxCon because that the world’s faster shot in ~ 123.1 mph, is earlier at it again through a now-reported shot rate of 127.4 mph. Yep, you review that right.

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Shot speed never obtain quite the high in throughout normal gameplay, however it is not unusual to view 100 mph shots or greater acquiring launched in the professional leagues.

You may remember Zack Dorn, who collection the then people record in ~ the MLL All-Star game at 116 mph. Not correct didn’t in reality play expert lacrosse however could quiet sling it v the finest of them.

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Nick Diegel’s college lacrosse career took him indigenous CMU to Ohio State and also has been proceeding to work-related on his shot, currently reported to be the fastest in the world. 127.4 mph is some significant heat.

Nick Diegel Fastest shot In Lacrosse

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Here’s The Shot

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I important love the process. Here’s a live look inside of critical weeks cultivate session whereby I fight a brand-new world record fastest lacrosse shoot 127.4 MPH. To all the athletes out there who seasons have been influenced by the corona virus, it is in safe, but take benefit of this time off. Use this time to dial in on your craft. Collection goals because that yourself. Placed in the work. Let’s acquire it!