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for everyday vehicle drivers who carry out routine maintenance on their auto every 3,000-5,000 miles.* frame Extra safety is engineered for use with conventional oil. The Nitrile Anti-Drainback Valve holds engine oil because that lubrication at start-up. Model: PH7317.Fits the following vehicles: 16-02 Acura, 16-03 Acura Truck, Caterpillar, 05-01 Chrysler, Cub Cadet, 05-01 Dodge, 95-92 Dodge, 93 evade Truck, 98-92 Eagle, 97-92 Ford, Honda, 16-01 Honda, 16-02 Honda Truck, Hyster, 03 Hyundai, 99-95 Hyundai, 15-96 Infiniti, 15-97 Infiniti Truck, 09 Kia, Komatsu, 12-96 Mariner (Marine), 02-93 Mazda, 98-93 Mazda Truck, 12-96 Mercury (Marine), 02-99 Mercury Truck, Mitsubishi, 15-13 Mitsubishi, 11-92 Mitsubishi, Mitsubishi (Engine), 15-10 Mitsubishi Truck, 08-04 Mitsubishi Truck, 02-92 Mitsubishi Truck, brand-new Holland, Nissan, 15-12 Nissan, 07-95 Nissan, 15-96 Nissan Truck, 95-92 Plymouth, 07-04 Saturn Truck, 15-12 Subaru, 15-12 Subaru Truck, 13-09 Suzuki Truck, Schaeff, Terex, TGB ATV, 13-10 Yamaha.*Follow recommended change intervals as detailed in your car owner"s manual.

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Consumer article HeightConsumer items WidthConsumer article LengthConsumer Product volume Or VolumeType Of liquid FilterCatch weight IndicatorMilitary clothes (Y/N)Shipping By waiting ProhibitedDescription 4 (Warranty Information)Advertised OriginCapacity/VolumeConsumer item WeightChannelBrandColor NameWidthWeightDepthCare InformationProduct Depth (in.)HeightPackage SizeLengthPackage ContentsModel NumberModel NameCountry of Origin
30 days
Made in the USA
1 Ct
2.780 in.
( 1 ) frame Extra safety Spin-on Oil Filter
Fram extr Guard Oil Filter