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2017 escape 2.0 SE AWDI don"t desire the inner / dome / map / lights to walk on when I open the door.I don"t see a alternative in the owners manual.I assumption: v the next best solution is to eliminate the exactly fuse.My finest guess for what fuse to remove is:Fuse or relay number, amps, Description,F24 , 5A* ,Light switch module.F58 , 5A ,Interior lights relay.Does anyone actually recognize for certain what fuse the is?Thanks,
2017 Escape..Cant turn off internal lights????
Today ns bought the entry level 2017 Ford Escape.Nice basic car...HOWEVER...I noticed ns cant rotate off the inner lights.So no matter what--every time I open up a door the inside dome lights revolve on?? Huh??

Here are a few threads the might help you out. Not sure if the 2017 Escape has actually the same inner lighting together the 2013-2016. Http:// are various other ones, this was just the an initial page of the search result
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My wife"s family members all disable the inner lights in your cars, and also I don"t know why. No undercover cops, i guess they fear that world will see the lamp come on and know who is in the car and also they will certainly be attacked?I purposely break stuff like the facility console once I obtain in in ~ night with no lights, it seems really stunner to me to have actually it this way. 50% of the time they with up and also turn them on anyways, guess they will not like countless Ford vehicles.My cool Marquis has actually a connector I can use to allow or disable "Dark Mode" since it is pertained to the CVPI, and never once have I contemplated using it other than to try it out.

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Here is the drive-in theatre cheat sheet, 3 tips. I just faced this critical night on my 2015 Ford Escape. (1)HATCH OPEN, lamp OFF: with hatch open, I provided to the pointy finish of a deserve to opener to flip up the rocker latch ~ above the bottom the the hatch door ( The point that clasps the ring placed on the hatch bed) . Push until the clicks twice, it to be not hard to push. Vehicle thinks door is closed, press “lock door“ on key-fob to shut off all lights & have radio running. Mental to push “open Hatch” button on key-fob before actually closing flower to instantly flip hatch latch ago to the open up position. (2)RADIO AUTO-OFF EVERY 15 MIN: one method to rotate it ago on without opening doors and also having lights go on again: leave side windows down and also simply reach in the window to push the small physical radio/screen power button on the dash revolve it ago on. (3) collection HATCH DOOR HEIGHT: our drive-in theater demands that hatches be lower than Max. Friend don’t should use rope/wine to hold it. When Hatch is completely open, either merely grab the manually and pull it to wanted height or press the auto close switch once to begin closing and also the second time to avoid at that preferred height. Door will host at this elevation automatically. Enjoy the good family memories!!