Words have always been my strong suit, my favorite thing, my most prized possessions.Some civilization had sports, rather music, however words have constantly been what I’m good at.

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I’m that girl that would dog ear stand out pages in my favorite novels, to mark compelling quotations, and an ext recently in a to the right of spontaneity carefully to plan out long-term statement – branded myself in black color ink through them. I thought long and hard (think five years the vigilant consideration) around what it was that I want to placed on mine body. Ns scribbled words, doodled images, spent hrs pouring end Pinterest favor a true twenty year old female prior to I fell in love.

Dum spiro spero”People are forever questioning me what the words i eventually made decision (and now adorn my appropriate foot) mean. The is a Latin phrase, adopted by south Carolina as its state motto, definition “while ns breathe, i hope.” I’ve constantly been a bit of an optimist, however in the way words the Harold Wilson, I’m one optimist that carries a raincoat. If there is one point I’ve learned end the years, and have to be reminded of in a large way recently, the is the no issue what life throws in ~ you – you’ve gained to have hope. Hope isn’t a naive notion that nothing negative will ever happen, but it is the knowledge and also acceptance that even the worst days only have actually 24 hours. The sun will set and climb again, and also life will certainly go on – it’s our selection whether us make the many of the or not. That’s why I chose “dum spiro spero” together not only my first tattoo, however as part of a day-to-day reminder.

Dum spiro spero. Dum spero amo. Dum amo vivo.”While ns breathe ns hope. While ns hope i love. While i love ns live.

Joshua 1:9 tells us, “Have I not commanded you? Be solid and courageous. Perform not be afraid; execute not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will certainly be through you wherever you go.” once I am having actually trouble believing in my “motto,” I discover myself coming ago to these words. Occasionally we uncover ourselves questioning wherein God is in tragedy, in ours hardest and darkest moments, and also fail come realize that He is over there – we simply aren’t looking in the right places. We all have actually those moments when we feel favor the people is crashing down about us and also that the carpet has actually been ripped out from right under ours feet. These are the moments that hope is the many important; the moments when we feel favor we have nothing left to shed are once we have everything left come gain.

Pessimists view hope as a pair that rose-colored glasses, yet I am a for sure believer that it is so much more. Hope is waking increase in the morning ~ a truly disastrous day, and also having the vessel to obtain out that bed and shot again. Hope is searching the sky for a rainbow after ~ a summer thunderstorm. Expect is figuring the end that even though you can’t adjust the current, you have the right to always change your sails. Expect is reminding yourself that good things room going come happen, and that even the darkest cloud has a silver lining. J.K. Rowling even defined rock bottom together the solid foundation on i beg your pardon she rebuilt her life.

Not every day will be a great one, and it would certainly be impossible to be optimistic always. But, my an obstacle to friend is to shot – just a tiny each day. Write down one thing you’re thankful for, something good that happened, a confident notion… simply one a day. You might be surprised by exactly how much focusing on even the littlest of things can readjust the entire big picture.

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In the average time, I’ll be life by my favourite words and also hoping through every breath. Dum spiro spero.

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