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Band Of steeds - on my means back residence positiveeast.org

my way back home, by opportunity I assumed of ... Every my favourite songs, wherein I"d unable to do wrongThe just words the I can think that ... I"m pissing my life away in the form of a songOn my way back homeEvery step, a victory

Bonnie Tyler - against the wind positiveeast.org

in a hazard zoneA lonely guy a lonely childSo ... Miles away from homeEmotions to run wild with meCome ... Take my heart, come feel theBurns that fireCome and

Orthodox Celts - against the wind positiveeast.org

sad an" sore like most of various other daysFull of rain cold an" ... As worn down I to be nowHangin" on the wire of fateThe hours ... ComeThe hours goCounting stepsI

Pink Cream 69 - down on her luck positiveeast.org

a time as soon as the human being seems unstablefeels ... Favor the worst has actually the ideal of you and also nothing goes ... Rightcause you"re not alonehave you ever before seen hunger?

Highwaymen, The (country Supergroup) - versus the wind positiveeast.org

like yesterdayBut it was a long time agoShe to be lovely, ... She to be the queen of our nightsThere in ... the darkness v the radio playin" lowThe ... Keys that we sharedThe hills that we moved

Bob Catley - versus the wind positiveeast.org

destinies, understanding entwined One voice that was lost in time ... Walking high against the wind first wave that a transforming ... Birds One bastion, truth and also pride Strikes

Stratovarius - against the wind positiveeast.org

again I shot to make things work facing all ... Of society Searching all the answers of the life I"ll ... Never ever make the on my own Was I expected to failure ... Everytime seems to me thats my destiny Is this every that"s

Collie Buddz - top top my way back house ft. Sean paul positiveeast.org

dem call de healing of de nationYehSmoking natral sheet ... Come native creationYo yoSo wha we tell dem ... SaySean da paul long side collie buddz ah bun it

Dungeon - versus the wind positiveeast.org

bad place, a dark spaceThe lines that weather my faceI ... Was standing alone before the stormWalk with me and you"ll ... SeeThe flame that burns within meA

Cage The Elephant - Back against the wall positiveeast.org

I’ll have a lookAnd shot to discover my face againBuried ... Beneath this houseMy soul screams and also dies again ... The end back a monster wears a coat of Persian

Helloween - Back versus the wall surface positiveeast.org

you see now where ns stand, my friend? will you offer me ... Hand? and also will you overcome the void and also speak the words? ... It damages I"m stand back against the wall Dare ns to

Neon Hitch - Back versus the wall surface positiveeast.org

how they carry out it this daysIt"s got me backed up ... Got me locked in chainsDon"t provide a f*** about this,Don"t provide a f*** around that ... Periodically I don"t go her way,Don"t believe

Alan Parsons task - Back against the wall surface positiveeast.org

up, and also with your hand on the bibleTell the fact to one ... FeelingWhen you"ve got your back against the wall.

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My god, ... It"s just tuesday tomorrowAnd ""loved one"s"" gone and also blown the allNow you"ve

Charlotte Church - ago to scratch positiveeast.org

on my luck as soon as more, out on a limbOver things I assumed ... Yeah you were essentially too flawed to giveWhat friend ... BelievedThat ns was your to keepAnd ns tell myself

Blutengel - down on my knee positiveeast.org

by the water and also up in the skyI´m looking for you ... And also I wait for a signDown by the water and up in the ... But still ns can´t seeBeyond the depth the the nightYou´re

Enuff Z" Nuff - top top my means back residence positiveeast.org

no I"ve done it again,I went wandering ... And also I make a brand-new friend.My friend is bringing me down,On my hands, on my knees,See ... Around.I never median too,But I simply seem to,

Kiss - under on your knees positiveeast.org

ooh yeahAre you all set to rock, I"m talking about ... SatisfactionSo let"s cut the talk, yeah, and get on with the actionBetter make up your ... Currently or neverIt"s obtaining down to the night, yeah, and also I ain

For all We understand - under on my knee positiveeast.org

only authorize of life is hiding on the various other side probably I"m as well blind to check out my adversaries ... Looking the end for me. Today I"ll play your game and also ... Settle the score in plenty of ways This

Ruud Jolie - down on my knee positiveeast.org

only sign of life is hiding on the other side maybe I"m as well blind to check out my enemies ... Looking the end for me. This day I"ll play your game and ... Resolve the score in plenty of ways This

America - Wind tide positiveeast.org

when I"m down on my luck, feelin" dizzyMy mental reels ... back to those job in the cityWhen early on in the ... I gained a hankerin" for a wind waveI gained it through and

Patrick wolf - The falcons positiveeast.org

in the foundryThey forge for united state the changing ... BellTurn your back against the windSpit down the wishing ... WellWith naught left to wasteBut opportunityTo be

Bret Michaels - Riding against the wind positiveeast.org

heading homeAn airplane bar, over there you sat all aloneI said, ... Quot;God girl, it"s sure good to check out you again"Remember ... The Panama CityYou were autumn down drunkbut friend still looked

Skrillex - The wind blows positiveeast.org

the-thought-of (me together) you-and-Shake-the-thought ... OfShake-the-thought-of (me together) you-and-Shake-the ... Thought-ofShake-the-thought-of (me together) you

Richie Kotzen - Alone versus the wind positiveeast.org

long nightIn a much away city ... And another conversation thatDon"t really issue to ... MeI left my love in your handsAnd i only think and talk aboutIs

Bodyjar - versus the wall positiveeast.org

You"d never recognize they means I feltSo why were you ... So blindYou"ve acquired your back against the wallYou"ve got to think it overAnd clock ... The you don"t slip awayYou"d rotate to

Julian Lennon - on the call positiveeast.org

m on the phone as soon as againI feel like callin" ... Ev"ryone i knowI dubbed my girl twice last nightShe ... We have a fightOoh, I"m down on my luck againI yes, really don"t understand what to doYes, I"m down on my luck againand ns don"t

Masters Of fact - The candy track positiveeast.org

it down small honey childGot something i ... Wanna tasteI gained myself a hatchetTo lay these ... Woods to wasteAnd when my job-related is throughI"ll lug my cash to youGo down and see my street girlShe to know just

Grieves - against the bottom positiveeast.org

me through your back against the bottomThere"s somethin" ... "bout this days that obtained you captured up ... Toss an additional empty party to the bayWhat did girlfriend say, what

Múm - The ghosts you attract on my back positiveeast.org

wind theatre flute v the cellar door and also on my window sill dram a sad old tune ... I hope this evening You will touch my hair and draw ghosts on my back walk the shore as well impassable shout at

Kreator - versus the rest positiveeast.org

a worldreligionlike a perfect product the ... Meno rule no leadersjust the purest strength of integrity ... Tho a spark is risingdeep down in your chestcompromise

Sights & sounds - Pedal against the wind positiveeast.org

with fearAnd the scares me the mostI don"t fairly stare but ... I"m not letting inI escape the bulletNightmares to follow ... Will I challenge to followHold my wine it"s dripping sinThe

Afi - The wind that carries me away positiveeast.org

sky in your arms.Hold it to you heart.Turn the dust to ... DiamondsAnd right here we lastly part. ... Right here we lastly part.And the wind that lugged me down

Amos Lee - The wind positiveeast.org

night and also my head is spinningI wonder ... ForA cold rain blows on my windowA soft odor gone from my ... PillowOne much more step that I"ve been ... Takin"Yes and also one more heartI don"t require no

Elvis Jackson - versus the heaviness positiveeast.org


Richie Sambora - The wind cries mary positiveeast.org

all the jacks room in your boxesAnd the clowns have ... All gone to bedYou can hear happiness ... Standin" on down the streetFootprints dressed in ... RedAnd the wind whispers MaryA broom is

Jimmy Buffett - The wind cries mar positiveeast.org

all the jacks are in their boxesand the clowns have actually ... Every gone to bedYou can hear joy ... Staggering on down the streetfootsteps pull on in ... RedAnd the wind whispers MaryA broom is

Taylor Dayne - The wind cries mary positiveeast.org

all the jacks are in your boxesAnd the clowns have actually ... All gone to bedYou have the right to hear happiness ... Staggeringon down the streetFootprints dressed in ... RedAnd the wind the whispers MaryA broom is

Jimi Hendrix - The wind cries mar positiveeast.org

all the jacks are in their boxesand the clowns have ... Every gone to bedYou have the right to hear happiness ... Staggering on down the streetfootsteps pull on in ... RedAnd the wind whispers MaryA broom is

Natalie Imbruglia - versus the wall surface positiveeast.org

you irradiate onFrom the 2nd storeySo ns waitedTheres ... Really be tough nowBeen a long timeBut I had it coming ... Visitation is leaving me v nothing

Rush - The way the wind blows positiveeast.org

it"s come to thisIt"s favor we"re back in ... the Dark AgesFrom the Middle eastern to the center ... It"s a world of superstitionNow it"s come to this ... Wide-eyed armies of the faithfulFrom the Middle

Celldweller - versus the tide positiveeast.org

we"re knee deep next by sidethe storm clouds are circling ... Over us together we struggle against the tidei feel your grip ... Firm on my shoulderbut this fear in my

Donovan - The sunlight is a an extremely magic fellow positiveeast.org

very magic fellowHe shines down on me every day-ay-ay-ay.

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The ... Really magic fellowHe shines down on me every day-ay-ay-ayHe ... Shines down on me every day.The wind is a really fickle fellow

Next - The best man i can be positiveeast.org

R.L.>Yeah this is for my brother in the hoodAnd the high ... Risers, on the mansions v the maidsWe gotta come together, ... Come on y"allCase, Ginuwine, Tyrese,

Corey Hart - back in the hand positiveeast.org

High mystery, short riddleGive me ... Discovery that intention can"t findI"m hungry, for this reason ... AnxiousIn the cinema I"m dreaming alrightI ... Was just 21(I was just 21)Put on my shades one

Obey The Brave - early graves positiveeast.org

the bravework tough for what they cravemiddle fingers up ... Save up that smileproud boy of the niledigging up early on ... Gravesonly the bravei"m done being

Blind stare - My black letter positiveeast.org

my time and also gotten just what I"m givenUpon the ... Wall my shadow dimWith my eye cold as ice in the past ... Ns gazeAnd sense the fury withinReflection back burns prefer hellI didn"t win

John Hiatt - Down approximately my ar positiveeast.org

radio is busted down about my placeEvery tool is rusted down around my placeThe creeks ... And also rivers dried increase down about my placeMy woman"s ... Tears room cried increase down around my placeAnd prior to there come a floodSome shed all

Gotthard - The oscar goes come you positiveeast.org

t know?Applauding facesMy heart grown tracesAnd i’m ... In require to yes, really understand.There’s ... You, girl,That provides you mysterious.I’m the end of my head

Manowar - The understand of the wind positiveeast.org

The quiet Of The Darkness, once All Are fast ... Live within A Dream, call To her Spirit. As A Sail ... Phone call The Wind, hear The Angels song Far past The

Oliver Onions - top top my method positiveeast.org

love, you love... I"m gonna go roughly the world just ... Looking for someone. I"m gonna go approximately to find another ... Love, you love... "Cos only one point is there that I

Pandaemonium - wings of the wind positiveeast.org

quot;Listen to the wind", stated the old male to the warrior"Listen, it"s ... Talk to you, to sing its sweet ... Listen, "cause it"ll speak to youEverytime and also everywhere

Plies - on my dick positiveeast.org

f***ed increase right now dawg u excellent tookA lost when a bitch don"t wanna provide you nothing dawg ... HappenMy money looking funny nigga simply ... Proper shit ain"t how it use to it is in nigga ain"tFronting the

Insomnium - whereby the last wave damaged positiveeast.org

does the feel?To welcome the new dayNot precious savingTo ... Autumn down on own imprudent actsThe wind ... Answers quietlyClears the black smoke much thick to see

Sam Kelly - To do you feel my love positiveeast.org

is blow in her faceAnd the whole world is on your instance ... Offer you a warm embraceTo do you feeling my loveWhen ... Evening shadows and also thestars appearAnd there is

Slaughter - on my own positiveeast.org

not to remember, but the memories lead right back to ... You.Right back to friend it"s difficult to confront the ... Realitywhen you understand there"s nothing left to do

Eli Young tape - under on padre positiveeast.org

it it s okay too warm in DallasI require to feeling ... the cool ocean airI need my toe in the sand and a drink in my handFeel the wind punch ... V my hairDown on Padre we can bake in the

John Hartford - ago in the goodle work positiveeast.org

we"ve all grown old native a-wondering howOh we"ll all sit down at the city dumpAnd speak ... Around the goodle daysOh you"ll happen the joint and I"ll happen the wine

Janis Joplin - down on me positiveeast.org

on me, down on me,Looks favor everybody in ... This totality round worldThey’re down on me.Love in ... This world is so hard to findWhen you’ve gained yours

Michael Schulte - The deep positiveeast.org

down the hill,Feel and also follow the wind.Cause currently our time has actually come ... It"s call to begin.CHORUSCome to the ... Deep now,Do girlfriend see v the open sea?Come to the deep

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