Only one star indigenous the initial film, Down and also Out in Beverly Hills, go on to show up in the TV series, and that was “Mike,” a forty two pound Border Collie with one right ear, and one floppy one. In our view, Mike’s portrayal of “Matisse,” a neurotic, spoiled family dog, was the best component of the movie, and also below, you have the right to see how he stole most of the scenes in which that appeared.

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Future owner and trainer, Clint Rowe, discovered Mike chained to a home at a ranch in northern California. Things acquired worse for Mike when he was kicked by a horse and also spent 7 weeks in a leg cast. Still, Rowe was able to teach Mike end one hundreds tricks, and that landing him in commercials because that Doublemint gum and Toyota. His audition for Down and Out in Beverly Hills was aided by his remarkable blue eye (climbing a rope-ladder v a bucket in his mouth didn’t hurt, either. This athleticism come in handy for scenes in Down and also Out that consisted of jumping turn off a diving board, and walking on ‘hot’ coals.

If Mike seems household to you in the clip below, it’s because you also saw him on the Letterman show, great Morning America, and Entertainment Tonight, and also an appearance in little Richard’s music video clip for “Great Gosh a’ Mighty, It’s a matter of Time.” Mike likewise had his photo in civilization magazine, Newsweek and USA Today. In 1986, Mike ended up being the an initial dog actor to have his paws put in cement at the Tail O’ Pup, a Hollywood eatery shaped choose a warm dog (chicken, however, to be Mike’s go-to treat). Mike even had his very own Facebook page. Sadly, dog don’t live forever, and also Mike has passed on. Us love that we can still admire his talent on girlfriend Tube.

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