You’ve found an old party of red wine vinegar and also noticed the it’s past the date on the label. Walk red wine vinegar walk bad?

Having 2 come 5 half-open bottles of vinegar at any kind of given moment isn’t the unusual. We use balsamic vinegar for part meals, red wine vinegar for others, and there’s also the apple cider vinegar and a couple of others.

Vinegar is frequently advertised as among the couple of food items that have actually an indefinite shelf life, for this reason why there’s a day on the label?

Having such inquiries is perfectly normal and in this article, ns answer every one of them. Below, we will go with storage, shelf life, and going bad of red wine vinegar. If girlfriend would prefer to learn much more about this condiment, read on.

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Bowls that red, white, and also black vinegar

How To keep Red wine Vinegar

Storing red alcohol vinegar is no different than storing apple cider vinegar or balsamic vinegar. That way you have to keep the party in a cool and dark place, far from sunlight and sources that heat.


While periodically vinegar come in a tinted bottle that offers some protection from light, you must keep that in a dark ar either way.

The pantry is the best option, but a cupboard in the kitchen functions too. When you open up the bottle, make certain to constantly seal the tightly after utilizing it.

Red wine vinegar doesn’t call for refrigeration after ~ opening.

Decanter with red alcohol vinegar

How lengthy Does Red alcohol Vinegar Last

Vinegar regularly comes v a best-by date, and also red wine vinegar is no different. The date on the label is over there to notify you of exactly how long the product will certainly retain that freshness and best quality.

Of course, that day is just a conservative estimate, and also the vinegar will retain that is flavor for months or also years past it.

Red alcohol vinegar, similarly to rice vinegar or white vinegar, has a pretty lot indefinite shelf life. Even though red wine vinegar doesn’t save on computer alcohol (wine is just the resource and alcohol is converted to vinegar), the acidic nature the vinegar is no ar for bacteria to flourish or even live.

Because of that, the shelf life that red alcohol vinegar is pretty much indefinite. And that doesn’t readjust when you open up the bottle.

Red wine vinegar (unopened or opened)Stays well indefinitely

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How come Tell If Red alcohol Vinegar Is Bad

When mentioning going negative of vinegar, very first we should talk briefly about the mom of vinegar.

The mother is a organic byproduct of making vinegar. It’s harmless and also safe come consume. That looks prefer cloudy or slimy sediment in ~ the bottom the the bottle. To remove it, you deserve to run the vinegar with coffee filters prior to using the liquid.

If the brand of her vinegar reads “pasteurized” or “filtered,” it doesn’t contain the mother. Filtering clears it native the liquid, if pasteurization destroys it. Raw vinegar usually comes through the mother currently in the bottle.

Once you open up the bottle and also it sits in storage because that a an extensive period, the mommy can begin to type near the bottom of the bottle, also in the filtered and pasteurized varieties. That’s perfect natural, and your vinegar isn’t negative by any means.

Just to reiterate, the mom is harmless, and its existence in vinegar is natural. It only looks type of gross.

Vinegar going bad is unlikely to happen. However, if you keep a half-open bottle for a few years already, it provides sense to provide the vinegar a little exam before using it.

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Pour it into a glass come see if the color hasn’t readjusted and give it a an excellent sniff. If that looks and smells okay, give it a taste come make certain the high quality is good enough to use. If it’s not, remove the vinegar. Otherwise, feel totally free to continue using it.