He’s travel the human being with KC and the Sunshine Band, however for singer-songwriter Harry Wayne Casey, yes sir no location he’d rather get down tonight than in his lovely Miami.

“I grew up about 10 minutes from here,” bother shares through ‘Closer.’ “This area supplied to it is in a dairy product farm and we’d play here as kids. All my family members is in the area and also I want to be close to them.”

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KC and the Sunshine band in 1970.

After touring with disco hits choose “That’s The means (I favor It)” and also “Get down Tonight” for much more than three decades, be safe is crucial to Harry, even if it is it’s his newfound love of baking (“My pecan pies room famous,” he says with a smile) or just easing back on his living room sofa.

“I like furniture that renders you relax and feel like you never want to leave,” that admits.

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