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Nonstop journey time

How much is the distance between San Antonio and Waco? The straight drive from mountain Antonio, United claims to Waco, United states is 181 miles or 292 km, and also should have actually a drive time of 3 hours in normal traffic.

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San Antonio come Waco journey time through breaks

Driving from mountain Antonio come Waco takes around 3 hours if you do it nonstop, and given that it's simply 3 hours, you probably can do the in one walk without issues.

If you want to prevent along the way, though, over there are definitely interesting sights come see! take a look at the best stops on a san Antonio come Waco drive for part inspiration.

What cities are in between San Antonio and also Waco?

If you're thinking of driving in between San Antonio and also Waco and also thinking of staying a night, it's worth looking at a few of the urban that space on the route. The most famous cities come stop in between San Antonio and Waco are Austin, brand-new Braunfels, and also San Marcos. Austin is the most famous city top top the route — it's 1 hour from mountain Antonio and 2 hrs from Waco.

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Going back? How far is Waco from mountain Antonio?

Honestly, the shouldn't differ by as well much, but if you're curious about the journey back, examine out the reverse directions to see how far San Antonio is indigenous Waco .

On your expedition from san Antonio to Waco, prevent by Austin, new Braunfels, and San Marcos! Make sure to visit Austin, the most renowned city top top the route, and also see Austin's optimal attractions choose Texas State Capitol, congress Avenue leg / Austin Bats, and LBJ Presidential Library.