Hello everyone, it"s Zorbnog. I"m making an additional forum short article for two reasons:1) i feel like the very first forum article I have actually made is a good background because that anyone who is curious about the job and2) A brand-new forum article can assist make part distinctions and also clarify some details that might otherwise be lost in the very first forum.Since critical time, the Vampire article DS Translation team has translated Chapter 1 and also 2 that the game and also currently is working on...Vampire knight DS Translation, update
ns just searching for anyone to translate this game, i would shot to analyze it myself yet im no that smart and also im just a kid and also im ailing of making use of google analyze camera due to the fact that its not accurate.

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Hello everyone!I began working on a English pan translation of prior Mission 2089: Border of Madness because that Nintendo DS
. The reason behind this and also why? probably as result of one of my check Gameplay video in a decades ago, got much more views, questionable comments, and also even got much more featured on a Google find too.So far I"ve perfect on editing all Weapon/Shoulder/Parts/Backpack/CPU/Item names (including leftovers) and properly match from front Mission 1st US equivalent (top-screen only).... former Mission 2089: Border of insanity English translate into
The lift is, ns noticed that although some skills cap at Lv. 5, lock still have data because that Lv. 6 come Lv. 10.I controlled to look right into the numbers in an unpacked and also decompressed paper called "playerskill". By compare the numbers through the Skill overview in GameFAQs through Dr. Fetus, ns think I have the right to work out the "simple" skillsHowever, over there is this kind of skills that seems quite complex, and also I dunno wherein to look.These an abilities are HP-based skills
, an abilities that give different...Question around Etrian Odyssey II - Heroes of Lagaard (EO2) ability Data
Digimon Story - Lost evolution : English Dubbed and also Other Hacks
This subject was developed in stimulate to display my hacking development on Digimon Story - lost Evolution, mirroring what I"ll perform with this amazing game!STATUS:MESPAK00 Info:Translation Progress: 84%Untranslated: 16%...
If you usage the No$gba debugger version, girlfriend may understand that it doesn"t come v a lamb search utility. But there exist number of other external tools the you can hook right into an emulator"s process that deserve to then find the game"s lamb for you. Several of these tools are EmuHaste and EmuCheat.However, both of lock are just compatible v older versions of No$gba, for instance EmuCheat only works up to 2.6a (with the emulator config documents (.EMU) the I"ve found), i m sorry is before the debug version...EmuCheat + .EMU file for No$gba 2.8d
This game was exit July 10, 2008. It"s been like 8 months since its release, and also I doubt this is going come be exit in the US as result of licensing issues.Banpresto, an equipment of the game is now completely owned by Namco Bandai. N-B won"t let third party carriers (ATLUS) publish their IPs. Therefore, it will most likely be YEARS before the video game is exit Westside if ever before - however chances space it won"t be exit in the West.It"s a niche...Draglade 2 translation project
-Updated: august 6 2020-This is a job to control the translate into of Luminous Arc 3: Eyes. That is a tactical RPG, the is similar to Stella bright on the 3ds. The graphics and battle animations had actually been mostly translated, but the story wasn"t translated.After switching in between quite a couple of methods of tracking the files, every little thing has been moved to github.Thanks come plasturion, us now have a collection of devices that can export...Rom hackers/Editors necessary for luminous arc 3 translation
Hello everyone, this particular day I made decision to lug you miscellaneous a little interesting and also or different. Ns wasn"t too certain where to really article this, but considering the title of this topic involves a video game released because that the Nintendo DS, ns figured this was the finest section to write-up the content.For a pair or therefore months now I have been messing about with Sonic classic Collection because that the Nintendo DS. To to fill in those unaware of what this game is, Sonic classic Collection was a video game that contained four...Sonic classic Collection Dumps and Opcode Fixes
ns not good at translating yet i can at least extract the papers from the gamehttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1Yn3hSoRUCHmqdf5CRoVfTOhxSAyWQ5h6/view?usp=sharing (the game files)

Hello! it’s my very first time posting here about hacking, since I need assist with other that i couldn’t find any type of info about.I’m trying to interpret Livly Garden, a Japan-only game that i love and also played many times before. Ns no experienced translator and also honestly i’m trying to carry out it greatly for fun and also because hacking/programming fascinates me fairly a bit. I have some simple knowledge as soon as it concerns hacking and have already successfully replaced some text, and wrote a pair of...Livly Garden eng translate in - NPAC files?
Pokemon B/W AP Patch
Download(Thanks to RetroGameFan)Pokemon B/W (U) job Fix(Updated GameList.txt)DownloadJust download RetroGameFan"s patch above,...

Awesome title principle made by PEDRO12!
About the game:
This a hack...Or a modification, if friend will, the Pokemon black color &...Pokemon Yin black & Pokemon Yang White
aid me!I desire to analyze Ghost Trick to Russian, since I have appreciated this video game pretty much
I have actually the enthusiasm to interpret the whole text, but I don"t understand anything about the romhacking.Since (apparently) there is noone who wants to help me on russian forums, I made decision to learn myself.I was able to open the rom (not so difficult though), yet the text papers have a quite wierd format...like this:...Ghost cheat rom hack trouble
Recently, I have actually been going v the picture Dojo ROM in search of the SDAT include the game"s music, yet I have only to be able to find a small SDAT comprise the instruction hands-on sounds.I have actually searched in a hex editor, however the only result that come up is for the instruction hands-on one.The video game was one the I replicated to a SD map from a DSi, then decrypted with dsi_srl_extract.If anyone is able come help, it will be substantially appreciated.
Hello and good morning/evening/night, I currently need help on unpacking and packing .zzz
files.I"ve found a game, dubbed "Kenshuui Tendo Dokuta" i m sorry I controlled to rip that is content thanks to Tinke, since I am planning to work-related on a translation because that it. However nearly all the documents were on the .zzz format. Navigating through the forums I"ve uncovered BatchLZ77 and tried to use it, but the remnants are always in a ".decompressed" format.To be entirely honest i don"t....zzz file extension help.
Hello,So i am in search of the initial Japanese variation of Pokemon heart Silver ROM that has actually been interpreted to English. I was also wondering if this ROM has actually slots in the video game corner and not Voltorb Flip like in the western release. Ns have found a couple of analyzed roms, however it wasn"t clear around the game corner. What would be the best rom come choose? I would certainly really evaluate the help!
Hey, y"all! lengthy time lurker, first time poster
I love the Zoids cosmos to no end, and would love come play this game in english (so I have the right to properly recognize it) but as much as ns know, Zoids Saga DS: Legends the Arcadia is however to be translated. (If I"m wrong, who PLEASE display me where the job is?)Now I recognize a little of Japanese, however not sufficient to fully enjoy the game, so ns was wondering if there is a "Beginner"s guide to Making...Zoids Saga DS: English translation
Thundaga conserve Editor v1.02
~ for last Fantasy 3 DSCurrent features are:Fix Checksum: Recalculates Checksum of file, in case you corrupted it or hacked itEdit Characters:1.) modify Name2.) modify Current/Max HP3.) modify Experience4.) edit Level5.) permit or Disable the Character6.) change the amount of Battles needed to fix job Penalty"s7.) editing of equipment (Hands/Head/Body/Arms)8.) modifying of job Levels, job Experience, current Job9.) standing Editing, add...Thundaga conserve Editor (FF3) *BETA*
I"ve simply recently rediscovered mine love of Zoids and rewatched the series. That brought about me to establish the Zoids saga ds existed and also was never released in the Americas.I take it a emergence at the old forum the existed relating to this; only to establish it was over a decade old through multiple translators offering up on it. I"m by no way a translator and also would be taking extremely heavy free in translating the story, come the ideal of mine abilities, however, I"m no well versed in ROM hacking and...Anyone have any kind of interest in Zoids Saga DS?

Newer supervisor Mario Bros. DS is a sequel to newer Super Mario Bros. Wii, using assets and also ideas native it, while maintaining it rather fresh and also taking benefit of mechanics in new Super Mario Bros. DS. Initially meant to simply be a level and tileset hack, the video game is now lot more, ah, custom.

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hi everyone,Hope someone could give me a little nudge in the appropriate direction in a difficulty that has me tearing mine hair out! I"ve trawled forums and also searched every variation of native I have the right to think the to number this out, but so much to no avail!I was interested in beginning a translation of the Nintendo DS game A Ressha de Ikou, a carry sim series that recently saw an English relax on the Switch.However, I"m a little new to DS password (I began out top top NES through Fortune Street) and was...A Ressha de Ikou - aid Finding message Pointers
Hello! I"m looking to extract graphic assets (such together maps, models, sprites, etc) native Spore Creatures, as the game is no well documented.I"ve regulated to unpack the game, which has the following files:The overlay folder consists of files titled overlay_0000 through overlay_0006, i m sorry I"m not sure are relevant.
In the data folder space the adhering to files. Ns was may be to access the components of the dwc folder using MKDSCM, and it seems to just be a bunch the stuff...Extracting Assets indigenous Spore Creatures



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