Lower costs, quicker and easier production, and other permanent benefits make tempered glass a much more efficient workplace equipment than plexiglass because that businesses adapting come a COVID-19 world.

As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to threaten the health and also safety of civilization worldwide, the commonwealth government and state and local municipalities throughout the United claims are mandating brand-new workplace requirements with phased-in reopenings. Come effectively defend employers, employees, and also clients, designers and architects should now rethink commercial office layouts with these measures in mind.

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Tempered glass and plexiglass dividers and also partitions have consequently pivoted toward personal protective equipment (PPE) applications in compliance v U.S. Centers for disease Control and also Prevention (CDC) social distancing mandates and other regulations.

There’s common misconceptions bordering these 2 materials, however, amongst these, the plexiglass prices less, is much faster to implement, and also stronger than tempered glass.

These statements couldn’t be further from the truth.

Plexiglass has come to be less available, its prices have actually increased, and perhaps many importantly, COVID-19 survives longer on it 보다 tempered glass.

Below we’ll describe why tempered glass is much more cost effective, longer lasting, and more expeditiously produced than plexiglass.

Tempered Glass - $5.00/sq. Ft. $150-200/installation | Plexiglass - $10/sq. Ft. $300-500/installation


COVID-19 is increasing need for plexiglass due to its perception as a quick and also effective way to retrofit the workplace through protective barriers. The material has actually been touted together a cheaper alternate to tempered glass.

As we pointed out earlier, however, this simply isn’t the case.

Glass prices have leveled turn off throughout the last numerous years. Plexiglass has become more expensive, especially recently, as organization owners search for methods to combat COVID-19.

Giancarlo Lanzano, executive vice chairman at Mt. Vernon, N.Y.-based commercial building and construction firm DGC capital Contracting, recently told Fox business News that plexiglass prices have actually skyrocketed 500 come 600 percent due to the fact that the pandemic, with carriers eyeing various other options, such together tempered glass.

Peter Smuda, director of Architectural solutions at main point Office Interiors, one interiors services provider and also Dillmeier Glass partner with areas in Houston, and Austin, Texas, saysthose plexiglass requests room accompanied by comprehensive sticker shock.

“All of the numbers appeared high in comparison come glass,” he says. “I thought, ‘Hold on a minute, this is yes, really high compared to the glass I have been quoting because that years.’ It to be double, if not more.”The eight-year glass market veteran, says a quick calculation proves glass to be the much more affordable and also beneficial alternative.

Standard plexiglass price are frequently $10 every square foot. However with the high demand of plexiglass, prices can be upwards the $30 every square foot.

“A 2-foot plexiglass panel was priced at $30 a square foot ,” explains Smuda. “Even with the cheapest glass choice with associated customizations, you will do it pay much less than girlfriend would through plexiglass.”

“Just a sheet of tempered glass have the right to start in ~ $5.00 per square foot,” the continues. “Customizations and glass thickness will add to the number, yet it will still be less than plexiglass.”

Durability & irreversible Benefits

A usual plexiglass installation at a supermarket inspect out runs roughly $300 come $500. This is also comparable for office workplaces.

“Just a paper of tempered glass can start in ~ $5.00 every square foot. Customizations and glass thickness will add to that number, however it will still be less than plexiglass."

Tempered glass costs about $150 to $200, big longer, and also has a lengthy list of other advantages.

“People think plexiglass is a reduced price but the reality is the opposite,” describes Smuda. “It looks better, costs less, is much easier to clean, and also the virus doesn’t critical as long on it.”

Lead Times

Many plastic distributors space experiencing obstacles obtaining plexiglass, through some carriers reportedly enduring six-week shipment backlogs.

Working through a U.S.-based advertisement glass fabricator such together Dillmeier Glass ensures expeditious deliveries to meet any kind of project attributed or COVID-19-related specification.

Plexiglass has become less available, that is prices have actually increased, and perhaps most importantly, COVID-19 survives much longer on it 보다 tempered glass.

Smuda says most Dillmeier Glass shipments come at Core"s offices within 7 to 10 days.

Dillmeier Glass Company

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