Famous for illustrating the character Hailey in the movie Men in black color IIColombe Jacobsen Derstine is one American actress and also chef. Derstine claimed to fame from featuring in the movie D2: The Mighty Ducks and D3: The Mighty Ducks.

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Born NameBirth PlaceHeightEye ColorZodiac SignNationalityEthnicityProfessionHusbandNet WorthAge
Colombe Jacobsen Derstine.
Chicago, Illinois, USA
5 feet 6 inches
Actress, Chef
Jeffrey Lefleur
$500 thousand
41 years old

Today in this article, we shed information top top Colombe Jacobsen Derstine’s career, TV movies, cooking shows, movies including her net worth and personal life.

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Who Is Colombe Jacobsen Derstine?

Colombe Jacobsen Derstine is one American chef and actress who was a contestant in the 2007 season that The following Food Network Star. She additionally featured in miscellaneous movies and TV collection and declared to fame.

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Derstine is at this time hosting her very own food-related website and also blog Colombe du jour. She, moreover, appeared on her significant movies consisting of The life Wake, Descent, searching for Haizmann, Moonlight Mile, men in black color II, Rookie the the year and many more.

Colombe Jacobsen Derstine’s personal Life: that Is she Husband?

Colombe Jacobsen Derstine is married to her husband Jeffrey Lefleur. Her husband Lefleur is one American non-show biz citizen. Derstine married Lefleur in a private marriage ceremony and still has actually not revealed anything about their marriage.

Jacobsen Derstine is a proud mommy of her 2 children, a child Xander Lefleur and daughter Delphine Lefleur. Through no rumors that divorce, the pair is share a blissful connection together. In addition, there space no divorce rumors together well.

The actress to be rumored date the actor Jack Kehler. Kehler and also Derstine operated together in the movie Men In black III. As well as her on-screen ventures, they had an off-screen matchup too.

Colombe Jacobsen Derstine’s net Worth: just how Much go She Earn?

Colombe Jacobsen Derstine holds an estimated net worth of $500 thousand. Derstine summoned his fortune from she career together an actress and a chef. She featured in various movies and also TV collection and completed in The following Food Network Star that assisted her earn fame and prosperity.

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Like the various other actress in Hollywood, Derstine make an mean salary that varieties from $60 thousand to $120 thousands as every his functions in the movies. Similarly, she earns $60 thousand to $85 thousands annually together a chef.

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Derstine featured in the movie D2: the Mighty duck that gathered $45 million following a budget plan of $10 million. She additionally had a top appearance in the movie Men in black color II that collected $441 million against the budget of $140 million.

Derstine operation a website entitled Colombe du jour, a food-related website and also blog. Likewise, she provides a satisfying revenue for herself from blogging and also cooking. She also appeared in various food preparation shows and also programs.

Colombe Jacobsen Derstine’s human body Measurement

Born on 21st December 1977, Colombe Jacobsen Derstine stands in ~ a height of 5 feet 6 inches. Similarly, through blue eyes and blonde hair, Derstine is a beautiful and also charming woman.

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Facts around Colombe Jacobsen Derstine

Where is the birthplace of Colombe Jacobsen Derstine?

Chicago, Illinois, USA

How old is Colombe Jacobsen Derstine?

41 years old

Which birth authorize does Colombe Jacobsen Derstine belong to?


What is the Nationality the Colombe Jacobsen Derstine?


Which ethnicity walk Colombe Jacobsen Derstine belong to?


How tall is Colombe Jacobsen Derstine?

5 feet 6 inches

What is the shade of Colombe Jacobsen Derstine’s eyes?


What is the color of Colombe Jacobsen Derstine’s hair?


Where did Colombe Jacobsen Derstine graduate from?

Sarah Lawrence College, herbal Gourmet Institute for Health and also Culinary Arts.