Two airports serve St. Louis, Missouri; Lambert-St. Louis Airport(STL) and also MidAmerica St. Louis plane (BLV). Lambert-St. Luigi Airportis the primary airport serving St. Louis, many major airlines run from this airport.MidAmerica St. Louis Airportis the secondary commercial residential hub in St. Louis, Missouri. It serves together a public and also military airport together it is situated close come Scott Air pressure Base. We summarize all the information you should know around the airports, to do your next trip easy.

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Lambert-St. Louis airport Vs. MidAmerica St. Louis Airport

Lambert-St. Luigi Airport(STL)

MidAmerica St. Louis Airport(BLV)

Airport Maps Lambert-St. Luigi Airport(STL) Map MidAmerica St. Luigi Airport(BLV) Map
gaining To The Airports indigenous The City centre
Distance native City Centre
Distance indigenous City Centre 14.4 miles(23.3 kilometres) 22.5 miles(36.3 kilometres)
Public deliver Operating Hours
Public move Operating Hours 24-hours 24-hours

Metro St. LouisMLR line operation every 15 minutes. Fare: $3 trip time: 31 minutes

Shuttle Services
Shuttle Services

Shuttle bus heat 49 connects to line 4 bus every hour. Fare: $4 trip time: 1h 17 min


Greyhound USA1342&1364 lines run 5 times daily. Fare: $8-$17 journey time: 30 min

Burlington Trailways line 1490 runs once daily. Fare: $15-$22 journey time: 20 minutes

Metro St. Luigi 21X operation every 2 hours to the metro St. Luigi MLR train station which operation every 15 minutes. Fare: $5 journey time: 55 min

Private transfers
Private move

On demand from $16-$180, trip time: 18 min.


round $40 - $50, journey time: 18 min.

Around $60-$80 journey time: 30 min


Available on demand $24-$35

Uber fare estimator

Available on need $35-$45

Uber fare estimator


Available on demand $30-$35

Lyft Fare Estimator

Available on need $30-$35

Lyft Fare Estimator

which Airport Is Most perfect For Me?
How Close come City Centre
How Close to City Centre

Lambert-St. Louis plane is the closest to the city centre at 23.3 kilometres to the city centre.

It bring away 31 minutes by train and 18 minutes by taxi for the journey to St. Louis" central.

Airport shuttles, buses, taxis, private transfers, and car rental services serve Lambert-St. Luigi Airport.

This airplane is situated 36.3 kmfrom the city centre making that the farthest amongst the two airports.

It is served by bus, train, taxi and also car rental services.

It is a 55 minutes journey to the city centre by bus and 30 minutes by taxi.

Cost Factor
Cost Factor

Lambert-St. Louis is the main airport serving St. Louis, the is served by cheap deliver services and also is closer come the city centre.

Hotel accommodation is much more expensive from this airport, but auto rental is affordable for both airports. Public carry fare is cheaper and also faster indigenous this airport 보다 at MidAmerica St. Louis Airport because it has actually a straight train come the city centre from the airport.

BLV is a secondary airport offer St. Louis. This is a an ext expensive plane in state of flight fares, hotel accommodations and also car rental services.

Although, bus fares from the airport to the city centre is low, Lambert-St. Luigi is quiet a far better option for travellers who wish to take trip to this city.

Airport Delays
Airport Delays

Avg defense & immigration Delays: Average

Avg flight Arrival Delays:No Delays.

Avg protection & immigration Delays: Average

Avg flight Arrival Delays:10 min.

Marriott St. Louis airport (3.5-star) - $147,

Drury Inn & Suites St. Louis airplane (3-star) - $140,

Hampton Inn St Louis-Airport (2.5-Star) - $150.

Best western Plus MidAmerica Hotel (2.5-Star)- $92,

Super 8 by Wyndham O"Fallon (2-star) - $54,

Holiday Inn refer & Suites - O"Fallon /Shiloh (2.5-Star) - $106.

Economy Cars: (Mitsubishi Mirage, Kia Rio, Chevrolet Spark, Ford Fiesta, Chevrolet Aveo, Toyota Yaris, Mazda 2) $81.53-$129.67

Intermediate Cars:(Hyundai Elantra, Toyota Corolla, Vw Jetta, Nissan Sentra, Hyundai Sonata) $86.26-$129.79

Luxury Cars: (Buick Lacrosse,Cadillac Cts, Audi A8, Chrysler 300) $231.54-$260.35.

Economy: (Ford Fiesta, Mitsubishi Mirage, Kia Rio, Chevrolet Spark, Ford Fiesta, Chevrolet Aveo, Toyota Yaris, Mazda 2)$81.53-$129.67

Intermediate : (Hyundai Elantra, Chevrolet Cruze,Buick Verano, Ford Fusion,Buick Verano, Toyota Corolla, Vw Jetta, Nissan Sentra, Hyundai Sonata) $86.26-$129.79

Luxury: (Ford Taurus,Buick Lacrosse, Cadillac Cts, Audi A8, Chrysler 300)$231.54-$260.35.

car Hire companies
Car rental Companies Alamo, Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Hertz, National and also Thrifty. Advantage, Avis, Dollar, E-Z rental A Car, National, Sixt, Alamo, Budget, Enterprise, Hertz, Payless, and Thrifty.
Online automobile hire
Online vehicle hire
Airport framework
Shopping and also Dining
Shopping and Dining Airport Shoeshine, Auntie Anne"s Pretzels, Beers the The World, Bliss, Bookmark-Inmotion, Brioche Doree, CNN Newsstand, California Pizza Kitchen, Chili"s, uncover St. Louis, Ebony News, Eddie Bauer, Eighteen-76, an excellent American Bagel, good Wraps, base in St. Louis, Heavenly hot Dogs, Hudson, Jamba Juice, children Works, La Tapenade, Maxiga, Mike Shannon"s, Missouri Vineyards, Natalie"s liquid Jar, Pasta House/Schlafly, Schlafly madness Room, Spectacles, St. Louis Brewmasters madness Room, St. Luigi Sports, Starbucks, Stella Artois Bar, tech on the Go, The good American Bagel,Vino Volo, and also a vending makers offering a selection of items. Roy-el top top the Fly sell a variety snacks, water, adult beverages, sandwiches, pizza, candy, soda and also so on. Over there are various other restaurants and also shops located exterior the airplane on highway 64 exits 23, 16 & 14.
Lounges American airline Admirals Club, Wingtips Lounge, USO Lounge, and also The Pasta House. N/A
Wi-Fi solutions
Wi-Fi solutions Free WiFi available. Free Wi-Fi available.
Transfer in and Around The Airport
Transfer in and Around The Airport Lambert-St. Louisairport has actually 2 terminal structures T1 & T2. T1 is a domestic Terminal with 2 concourses A & C if the international Terminal, T2 has actually concourse E. Both terminals are connected by a free airport bus spaceship for passenger transfer. MidAmerica St. Louis Airport has a single passenger terminal building.
Currency Exchange & ATM cash Points
Currency Exchange & ATM cash Points US financial institution operates complete banking and foreign currency exchange solutions at the airport. ATM devices are accessible After defense | Gate/Area: C15, Gate/Area: Mid Level - Stage, prior to Security | Gate/Area: ET12, After protection | Gate/Area: E20, After security | Gate/Area: A10, and also Gate/Area: Mid Level - Stage. ATMs are situated in the main terminal buildings arrival hall for cash withdrawal.
Important phone numbers
Important phone numbers STLAirport: +1 (314) 890-1333 /426-8040, shed & Found: +1-(314) 890-1370. BLVAirport: +1-618-566-5656,Lost & Found: +1-618-566-5265.
Major operation Airlines
Major operation Airlines

Air Canada Express, Air selection One, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, American Eagle, apple Vacations, Cape Air, Delta waiting Lines, Delta Connection, Frontier Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Sun country Airlines, unified Airlines, unified Express, and WOW air.

Allegiant Air.

Major Connecting Destinations
Major Connecting Destinations

Atlanta, Denver, Chicago-O"Hare, Orlando-MCO, brand-new York-LaGuardia, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Chicago-Midway, ras Vegas, Phonex, Toronto, Los Angles, Cancún, Punta Cana, Montego Bay, and also many more.

Fort Walton Beach, ras Vegas, Orlando/Sanford, Punta Gorda (FL), St. Petersburg/Clearwater, ft Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Myrtle Beach, and Phoenix/Mesa.

Tourist information Centres
Tourist details Centres Discover St. Louis info centres are situated in both terminals. A Tourist info centre is situated in the arrivals area that the airport.
Official website
Official website

Lambert-St. Louis airplane (STL) is theclosest to central St. Luigi locatedjust 44.4 miles (23.3 km) and also using the subway St. Luigi MLR line will get you come the city in 31 minutes. MidAmerica St. Louis plane (BLV)is located 22.5 mile (36.3 km) away and the fastest publicly transport connect Metro St. Luigi 21X connects come MLR train which takes 55 minutes to main St. Louis.

Compare airplane distances and also transfer time to the facility of St. Louis through public transport below.

Distance to central St. Louis:

Lambert-St. Louis Airport: 6 miles / 9.7 km MidAmerica St. Louis Airport:20 mile / 32.1 km

Lambert-St. Louis plane to central St. Louis trip Times:

By Train (MLR): 31 minute By Bus (Greyhound USA 1342 & 1364): 30 minute By Taxi: 18 minutes

MidAmerica St. Louis plane to main St. Louis trip Times:

By Bus (Metro 21X + MLR): 55 minute By Taxi: 30 minutes

Lambert-St. Louis airport is the best airport to fly into when flying into St. Louis, whether you space travelling for service or because that vacation. The airport is close come the city center making carry journey times much shorter to main St. Louis and also is served by optimal airlines prefer American Eagle, Delta waiting Lines, WOW air and also many various other airlines to different destinations. The plane is served by subway trains and buses to the city centre acquisition 30-31 minutes to the city centre wherein all the attractions space located. The airplane is the major airport so that handles more passengers compared to BLV meaning more queues, trip delays and also crowd at the airport with enough facilities to get you engaged throughout delays.

BLV (MidAmerica St. Louis airport) is the the furthest airport to main St. Louis, the is a smaller airport v fewer delays and less queues. Allegiant wait is the only airline offer the airport v mostly residential flights in ~ the joined States and its fast Metro bus and train link takes 55 minute to the city center making it slightly longer than STL and really inconvenient for world travelling through a lot of luggage and/or young children. This airport is most an ideal for backpackers and travellers flying right into St. Louis in ~ the country, but business travellers who are not on restricted time have the right to use this airport.

If you want to fly into St. Louis and also see the peak attractions in ~ the city with short transfer journey times native the airport, climate Lambert-St. Luigi is a much better option. The plane is close come the city centre and also all that is attractions, taking simply 31 minutes using the subway MLR or alternatively by taxi which takes just 18 minutes to main St. Louis. Although the is closer come the city centre, the is a much bigger airport 보다 BLV with 2 terminals therefore expect much longer queues and some flight delays. Most organization travellers will likely use this airport because of its close proximity to the city centre.

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Lambert-St. Louis plane is close come the Gateway Arch a 630-foot monument clad in stainless steel situated 24.9 kilometres away native the airport and the MLR heat will get you there in 50 minutes for $3 or $40-$50 through taxi and $24-$35 by Uber in 20 minutes. Other attractions to see in St. Louis incorporate Gateway Arch Museum, Missouri botanical Garden, City Museum, Saint louis Zoo, forest Park, Cahokia Mounds, Saint Louis arts Museum, Busch Stadium, Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis, Anheuser-Busch St. Luigi Brewery, Old Courthouse, Missouri history Museum, Soulard, Chain of Rocks Bridge, Tower Grove Park, Saint Louis science Center, The Magic House, St. Luigi Children"s Museum, Citygarden Sculpture Park, Budweiser Brewery Experience, Laumeier Sculpture Park, Laumeier Sculpture Park, MUSEUM OF from the west EXPANSION, The Butterfly House, Gateway Arch - Odyssey & Tucker Theaters, The Old Cathedral The Basilica the Saint Louis, King that France, national Blues Museum, Graffiti Wall, and also many more.