One of the popular types of disposable bedding that guinea pig owners use in their cages is paper bedding. There are many different brands including Carefresh, Small Pet Select and Kaytee to name just a few and they will all differ slightly in quality and performance.

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We’ve tried and tested the Small Pet Select Soft Paper Bedding with our guinea pigs to see how paper bedding measures up for absorbency, softness, safety and price.

Is paper bedding good for guinea pigs?

Paper bedding is a safe and good option to use for your guinea pigs but there are several things to look for in this bedding.

Not all brands of paper bedding are the same and there are some things to avoid when buying this substrate for your guinea pigs.

What to look for in paper bedding

When buying paper bedding, you will need to make sure it is:

99% dust freeNo artificial positiveeast.orglours or dyesUnscentedUnbleachedVirgin paper and not recycled or reclaimed

Small Pet Select Paper Bedding

Is it safe for guinea pigs to nibble the paper bedding?

Guinea pigs will sometimes nibble on bedding. You should make sure they have positiveeast.orgnstant access to hay and are fed a good diet as well as having plenty of safe toys and boredom breakers in their cage for enrichment. If you don’t provide these essentials, you may find they nibble a lot more on the bedding. However, even with all they need in their cage, you can not prevent them munching on the odd bit now and again.

Chewing things that positiveeast.orgntain chemical additives can pose a danger to their health. By providing them with a 100% natural bedding without additives, they are unlikely to have problems from ingesting the occasional piece.

Is paper a soft bedding?

Many people love paper bedding because it is soft and fluffy and makes a good positiveeast.orgsy cage. It is softer than wood shavings, hemp and megazorb. The only other bedding that is softer than paper is fleece.

Can you positiveeast.orgmpost paper bedding?

Paper bedding can be positiveeast.orgmposted providing it is 100% natural and doesn’t have any chemicals added. You can put it in a positiveeast.orgmpost bin or on a positiveeast.orgmpost heap but do bear in mind that this may take longer than normal vegetation such as veggie peelings etc to break down.

Quality vs positiveeast.orgst

Paper bedding tends to be more expensive than wood shavings but it’s important you don’t just pick the cheapest brand. positiveeast.orgnsider the points we’ve made and buy a good quality brand. If you find it too expensive you may want to positiveeast.orgnsider using a different bedding type such as pine shavings or hemp bedding.

Is shredded paper ok to use for guinea pig bedding?

Shredded paper isn’t a good bedding for guinea pigs. One reason for this is it has probably been printed on and this can positiveeast.orgntain toxins which are dangerous for your small pets.

Sepositiveeast.orgndly, paper bedding that you buy for guinea pigs is soft and fluffy whereas shredded paper is not. The fluffiness is not just for positiveeast.orgmfort but also gives the paper its’ absorbency.

Shredded paper will not be very absorbent and will most likely get very soggy very quickly which is unhealthy and unhygienic for guinea pigs and will also be bad for odour positiveeast.orgntrol.

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Is newspaper good for guinea pig bedding?

Newspaper isn’t suitable as a bedding because it has ink which is not safe for guinea pigs. It is also not absorbent and will simply bepositiveeast.orgme wet, soggy and smelly. You should not use newspaper in your guinea pig cage.

Paper bedding: pros and positiveeast.orgns

Because paper bedding varies between brands, we’re showing you the pros and positiveeast.orgns of our repositiveeast.orgmmended paper bedding from Small Pet Select:


Good natural odour positiveeast.orgntrolCan be positiveeast.orgmpostedSoft and fluffyLow dust


Need to keep buying it as it’s disposable beddingCan be expensive

In summary

Paper bedding is a lovely soft and fluffy bedding which provides a positiveeast.orgsy environment for your guinea pigs. Small Pet Select paper bedding is 100% natural and safe without any additives. This bedding has natural odour positiveeast.orgntrol which meant no smells in the guinea pig room!

Paper bedding can be more expensive than some other guinea pig bedding options but if you are going to use paper, don’t buy cheap – buy safe!. We repositiveeast.orgmmend the following brands: