It transforms out the there’s a most research around how vital it is to acquire tanned native the sun.

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I hear i can gain skin cancers? What if ns tan once the sun goes down? deserve to you gain a tan after ~ 5 in the afternoon?

 Let’s dispel some myths around the sunlight so friend can obtain out and enjoy it!


Is your goal to have a gorgeous tan rapid in the shortest amount of time?

The reality is, getting a sunlight tan ~ 5 afternoon is possible, but you won’t acquire the services you need.

If you want a bronze look, there’s a MOST proper TIME to get a tan.

Depending on your location, the sun is usually the strongest between 10 am and 4 pm.

Contrary to renowned belief, it’s finest to be outside when the sun’s rays space the strongest.

In short, the peak hrs are most beneficial. Some benefits of sunshine exposure during these hrs include:

fighting cancera far better immune systemstrength and healingbone health

Why? because of the shorter wavelength of UVB straight rays. It’s the least cancer-causing, and it’s health-promoting.

But, it’s imperative to wear sunscreen formulated because that tanning during these times.

You would certainly think, “Well, wait a minute. I have heard no to be the end in the sunlight after high noon due to the fact that that’s when the UV rays room strong. And that’s gonna provide me skin cancer.”

Sun’s beam that room coming in directly at NOONShorter frequency wavelengthProduces vitamin D in the body. That fights cancer, strengthens your immune system, and is an excellent for bone health. 

It may be “cooler” outside of height time (sunrise or sunset) since of weaker sun rays. At an early stage morning sun may seem to have less harm. 

But in reality, it’s just the same as the much more harmful sun’s rays. For this reason it’s necessary to apply sunscreen NO matter WHAT TIME of the day.


You can tan because that as tiny as 10 minutes if you’re no wearing any sunscreen with SPF. However, some people prefer tanning in ~ a few hours.

And sometimes, you won’t watch a tan appropriate away.

For light and also fair skin, you want to be out in the sun for around 20 minutes through 60 – 70% exposure to her body. Think shorts and tank tops.

So you think it’s enough to obtain exposure as soon as you walk native your car to her work? THINK AGAIN.

Do part yard work or practice for a few hours through your skin exposed.

There’s still a possibility for UV damage even after the sun sets. So, it’s not a an excellent idea to skip the sunscreen.

For human being with darker skin, you have the right to do that 20 minutes to 2 hrs a work a couple of days a week.

Tanning Factors

It’s not a matter of exactly how much sun you should tan. Many things affect how fast a human gets a herbal tan. 

Here space some components that influence tanning:

People through darker skin will tan quicker in the sun because they have much more melanin in their skin. This renders the skin darker.Direct sun exposure without having actually breaks under a shade have the right to make you obtain tan quickly.Humid climates have more moisture in the air, do tans happen faster. It likewise keeps a tan indigenous fading.A sunscreen’s SPF (Sun protection Factor) have the right to influence exactly how much girlfriend tan. The higher the SPF, the longer it takes because that you to begin to tan.

Get a Tan Faster


You can tan safely during low UV-index hours, yet it’s no the quickest method to tan. 

It will most likely take an hour or 2 over a few nights to gradually build up a tan.

A base tan go not alleviate your threat of sunburn or various other skin damage.

But you deserve to reduce time invested outside during peak hours and still build a dark tan.

Here are 10 advice for quicker tanning:

1. Start Slow

Are friend a beginner? You deserve to start v a 10-minute session. 

When you start to feel comfortable, slowly INCREASE your sessions by 3-5 minutes.

2. Exfoliate

Remove all dead skin prior to you begin tanning. Exfoliate or else, your tan will certainly flake off.

3. Put on Suntan Lotion

If you are pale-skinned or have actually fair skin, this is necessary even after 5 pm.

Sunscreen plays a major role in protecting her skin indigenous harmful rays. You can use a demorphs lotion v low SPF. 

REMEMBER: You want the best tan come look sun-kissed yet NOT sunburnt. And also that’s why your tanning odor should always at the very least containing some SPF.

4. Change Positions

Flip sides typically to have actually an even tan after ~ 5 pm. Set a timer and change your place every couple of minutes.

5. Eat Lycopene and also Beta Carotene-Rich Foods

These space your watermelon, carrots, and also tomatoes. The naturally darkens the skin and also helps defend your skin from UV rays.

But friend still need to put on her sunscreen when tanning! So just don’t forget come wear sunscreen.

6. Hydrate

It’s simple to get dehydrated and lose skin moisture as soon as you’re the end in the sunlight for a short period of time, also if it’s past 5 pm

Drink at least 8 ounces of water every day. alleviate the time of her sessions if you feel tired, dizzy, or have a headache.

7. Usage Tanning Lotions

To alleviate the time you’re the end in the sun, you deserve to use tanning oil and at home tanning lotions.

Use high-quality herbal tanning lotions to offer you a good tan. 

Good-quality demorphs lotions keep your skin safe from having actually an allergic reaction. 

8. Apply Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera gel soothes perceptible skin after ~ being the end in the sunlight after 5 pm. 

Apply it after a shower to take treatment of excited skin.

9. Wear Sunglasses

Your eyes are sensitive to sunlight. Rays native the sun can cause a lot of eye problems. 

That gift said, it’s best to wear eye protection as soon as you are outside.

10. Don"t Overdo It

Rest your skin. Spend time in the the shade every therefore often. 

Sure, it might be reasonably safe come tan two days in a row yet don’t carry out it all the time!

Tanning options after 5 PM

Tanning in the evening doesn’t offer you the same results as tanning during the day. 

But periodically circumstances don’t enable you to tan while the sun is out and also that’s why tanning in the evening became a thing for part people.

If your just time is after 4 PM, 5 PM, or in the so late hours, over there are various other options:

You have the right to tan there is no wearing sunscreen.Either usage a spray tan or spend time at a tanning salon.

Tanning Beds


The tanning process using a tan bed can be a little longer if girlfriend have incredibly pale skin. A tan session can require longer exposure

Please note that demorphs salons and a demorphs bed will not give you a healthy and balanced tan. 

It’s not equivalent to the wellness benefits you acquire if you invest time under the sun. 

You risk obtaining cataracts, premature birth aging, and also permanent skin damage.

Self Tanners


If friend don’t want to walk to a tanning salon, you have the right to use self-tanners instead. They are way better for a the majority of reasons. 

Most Importantly, They’re much safer Than demorphs Beds.

None of the dangerous and also unattractive side effects we mentioned.

Just apply them to your skin, wait 6-8 hours, and also voila! You’re an excellent to go!

A self-tanner is so convenient once you have an event that requires you to obtain a golden tan. It’s straightforward to use, safe, and also effective. 

That’s why these products are the an option of celebrities and also famous world everywhere. 

There’s NO factor to spend any kind of time in the sunlight or tanning bed without sunscreen!


Getting a tan after ~ 5 pm is possible, but you won’t really acquire results right away. Between 10 am to 4 pm, the best time come tan quickly is in ~ NOON.

There space no real health and wellness benefits come tanning aside indigenous looking nice and golden. Yet hey, we’re not below to judge. You execute you.

All we’re after is the you’re protected, and you acquire your day-to-day dose that Vitamin D while you’re at it.

Like hitting two birds through one stone.

Make certain you hydrate, roll over frequently and wear a product v SPF 30.


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