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Vicks Vapor rub is one ointment that’s found in many medicine cabinets. It’s great for colds and flu, sinus congestion, ill muscles, and also more. However what happens if your dog eats Vicks Vapor Rub? have the right to Vicks Vapor obstacle make your dog sick?

What is Vicks Vapor Rub?


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Vicks Vapor obstacle is one ointment made of camphor, eucalyptus oil, and menthol. It can be sue to relieve nasal & chest congestion resulted in by colds and also flu, and also ease the congestion brought about by sinus infections. Vicks can also be supplied to relieve minor aches and also pains in muscles and joints.Vicks is periodically used in various other ways, too:Heal feet: Vicks has actually been provided to cure athlete’s foot and other conditions. The ingredients in the ointment have actually antimicrobial properties.Deter insects: it additionally seems to it is in effective against biting insects such as fleas and mosquitos.Alleviate headaches: Vicks is also used to help ease a sinus headache.Helps soothe dry skin: Vicks is also great for soothing very dry skin. The petroleum jelly in the product locks in moisture, and the menthol has actually antibacterial properties.But what if her dog ingests Vicks Vapor Rub? will certainly Vicks make her dog sick?

Vicks Vapor rub & Dogs

Vicks includes ingredients that are toxic to dogs, including camphor. If ingested, your dog can become an extremely sick.You may an alert these symptom if her dog has ingested Vicks Vapor Rub:NauseaVomitingDiarrheaBurning throat and mouthDepressionIrritation that the rubber membranesIf her dog has eaten only a small bit that Vicks, then the toxicity will certainly be mild. However, if he’s consumed a large portion the a jug of Vicks, then you’ll need to call the vet best away.

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Treatment of Vicks Vapor rub Ingestion in Dogs

At the vet’s, lock will carry out a physical test of your dog, which may include blood tests and other laboratory work. The vet will additionally look for indications of mouth and also throat irritation.If the vet determines your dog has eaten Vicks, then they may pick to use set off charcoal, gastric lavage, and also more. Your fur baby will most likely need an IV, which makes it much easier to provide him other medicines as needed. If this is a significant case, the vet will desire to save your dog in the hospital because that a couple of days to monitor his symptoms and also recovery.In many cases, dogs who eat a small amount that Vicks must be OK in ~ a couple of hours. Because that a an ext severe instance of toxicity, it will take a little longer come recover. However, dog who obtain prompt medical care should go on to a complete recovery.

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