Well, having actually a stash is illegal in most countries and carrying it around in windy is a crime. Because that many, also keeping the in your residence is risky together your family or neighbors might be doing not have tolerance. But what is the equipment to that?

If you desire to save cannabis, dog treats, or other smelly products and also carry it approximately without elevating suspicion, you need to take care of the beautiful aroma her stash provides out. Because that this, you have to use odor proof bags or containers.

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Smell evidence Bags and also How the Works

Honestly, scent of cannabis is quite impressive and also it deserve to fill up your room also if you space not smoking it. In order to odor proof, an initial thing the you need to do is store it in a stash jar or smell safeguarded pouches and also then in a for sure location.

These odor proof bags will keep the extreme aroma of herbs or dog treats sealed. Relying on your budget, you deserve to buy smell safeguarded pouches or containers to save your stash and also mask that scent. There space a variety of bags obtainable online.


2. Protect against Plastic Containers

Use a glass jar i m sorry is airtight to keep your materials, or use smell proof bags and pouches. Standard plastic containers or bags have tiny pores that will quickly let odor pass v it.

3. Store the Herbs at a good Height

Dogs frequently search in ~ ground level. They often tend to sniff much more at points which is at their maximum reach. If you discover yourself in a instance where you must hide your stash in your house from a surrounding dog, or there is a find going roughly close to your place, store your stash in the highest possible place you could possibly think of.

4. Extra Care

If you want to take some extra care into storing her herbs, placed in some extra effort, and freeze herbs and spices before carrying them. Use a silver paper to covering those frozen herbs and then location it in an airtight glass container.

5. Command Boxes

You can also put your smoking products in a lead container. Lead does not allow smell to pass through it. However, the can immediately raise suspicion and also it will certainly be difficult to explain if found.

Warning: Lead is likewise cancerous and also it need to be avoided at best.

6. Odor Proof take trip Bags

Smell proof take trip bags will likewise give your material extra protection. For an added layer of secrecy, keep these odor proof bags or airtight containers in a smell proof backpacks while travel or moving it around.

Final Words

But hey, being smart is much better than exhilaration smart.

If friend think the bringing medicine to the airport, customs, or any type of other risky place, friend will simply be jumping out of the frying pan right into fire.

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So, instead of thinking can dog smell with airtight containers, it is in safe and avoid delivering such things and save you yourself from stressing out.