Why do artists choose the names they do? Sometimes it’s hard to say. This list is a starting place for exploration.

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Trying to find every band whose name starts with E? You’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re just really curious, looking for inspiration for your own band name, or just trying to remember that one band you liked in high school – this is the place to start. This isn’t limited to one genre, either. You’ll find rockers, pop stars, MCs, and more.Included here are artists whose first names begin with the letter “E” and artists whose last name start with the letter “E,” just to be as complete as possible.

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Eagle-Eye CherryEaglesEagles Of Death Metal EamonEarl NightingaleEarl SweatshirtEarly NovemberEarth, Wind & FireEartha KittEast 17East of EdenEaston CorbinEasy LifeEasybeatsEazy-EEcho & the BunnymenEchosmithEconoline CrushEd BruceEd HarcourtEd KowalczykEd SheeranEddie CalvertEddie CantorEddie CochranEddie FloydEddie HollandEddie HolmanEddie KendricksEddie MoneyEddie MurphyEddie RabbittEddie VedderEddy GrantEdelweissEdens EdgeEdgar LeslieEdgar WinterEdge of ParadiseEdie BrickellEdison LighthouseEdith PiafEdvard GriegEdward ElgarEdward MayaEdward MeekerEdward WoodwardEdwin Hawkins SingersEdwin McCainEdwin StarrEdwyn CollinsEELSEgo LikenessEgypt CentralEiffel 65Eileen BartonEimear QuinnEisleyEl ChomboEl DeBargeElaine PageElasticaElbowEleanor FriedbergerElectric CenturyElectric Light OrchestraElectric SixElectro VelvetElectronicElegantsEleni FoureiraElevation WorshipEli Young BandEliza DoolittleElizabeth CookElizabeth GarrettElkie BrooksElla EyreElla FitzgeraldElla HendersonElla MaiElle FanningElle HolmesElle KingElle VarnerEllie GouldingEllie HolcombElliot MinorElliott MurphyElliott SmithElliott YaminElmo & PatsyElmore JamesElmsElton JohnElvin BishopElvis CostelloElvis PresleyElyar FoxEmblem3Emeli SandéEmerson DriveEmeryEmiiEmiliana TorriniEmilie AutumnEmily BarkerEmily BluntEmily KinneyEmily OsmentEmily WarrenEmily WestEminemEmma CarusEmma StoneEmma’s ImaginationEmmelie de ForestEmmy the GreatEmmylou HarrisEmotionsEmpire CastEmpire of the SunEmployed To ServeEn VogueEnationEngelbert HumperdinckEnglish BeatEnglish DogsEnigmaEnrique IglesiasEnter ShikariEntombedEnyaEOBEpicaEPMDEqualsErasureEric B. & RakimEric BellEric BellingerEric BenétEric CarmenEric ChurchEric ClaptonEric HutchinsonEric JohnsonEric PaslayEric PrydzEric SchwartzEric TurnerEric WhitacreErica BanksErica CampbellErik HassleErika EigenErika JayneErin ChristineErin McCarleyErnest GoldErnest HareErnest HoganErnest TubbErnie K-DoeErsel HickeyErykah BaduEsben and the WitchEscalaEscape ClubEscape the FateEsmée DentersEssexEstelleEster DeanEsther OfarimEthel MermanEtta JamesEugene McGuinnessEuropeEurythmicsEva SimonsEvacuate ChicagoEvan Rachel WoodEvan TaubenfeldEvanescenceEvans BlueEvasionsEve 6Evelyn “Champagne” KingEvelyn EvelynEverclearEverlastEverlifeEverly BrothersEvery Time I DieEveryday LosersEverythingEverything but the GirlEverything EverythingEwan MacCollExampleExcaliburExcitersExileExodusExposéExtremeEydie Gorme

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