Revolutionary War: southerly Phase, 1778-1781

The Continental success at Saratoga in 1777 and also the Treaty v the French in 1778 revolutionized the war, specifically for the British. Increased French help to the Continentals was an extremely slow in coming; combination military activity between the two new allies was also slower come happen. Meanwhile, the brother were immediately faced through a global conflict through France. Together a result, the British adjusted their strategy yet again in 1778. Fairly than mounting a full-scale armed forces campaign versus the continent Army, the British determined to focus their efforts on the loyalists, who they still believed were the majority of the American population.

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Campagne en Virginie du major Général M"is de LaFayette, 1781 Map Collections: 1500-2003

Believing the loyalists were strongest in the South and also hoping to enlist the slaves in your cause--an objective that appears incompatible v a emphasis on southerly loyalists--the British turned their initiatives to the South. In fact, the British had actually some essential military successes in the South. They lived in Savannah, Georgia, in late 1778 and Charleston, southern Carolina, in might 1779. They also struck a disastrous blow on basic Horatio Gates" pressures at Camden, southern Carolina, in respectable 1780.

Although the british were successful in many conventional battles, the fighting in the South, under the leadership of Generals Nathanael Greene and also Daniel Morgan, turned towards guerrilla and also hit-and-run warfare. Moreover, the British had overestimated loyalist sentiment in the South; their presence actually forced many, who had actually been sitting the end the war, to take sides, most in donate of the Patriots. In ~ the same time, the British underestimated the logistical difficulties they would encounter, especially when their military was in the inner away native the supplies offered by your fleet. Patriot forces, top top the various other hand, were supplied and could hide amongst the positiveeast.orgal population. Together a result, the British southern strategy was a dismal failure.

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For extr documents regarded these topics, search using such key words as Henry Clinton, Charles Cornwallis, Nathanael Greene, Daniel Morgan, such war as Camden, Cowpens, Guilford Courthouse, and individual southerly states and cities. Search Washington"s Papers and also the newspaper of the continent Congress by date (of particular battles, for example), and use the terms discovered in the documents.


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