Imagine that many of you have witnessed the YouTube clip of a gentleman in middle Eastern attire attempting to fire a monster sporting rifle, through (for him) serious and also painful consequences. Even much better is the clip of a pair of full morons trying to fire the from a seated position. The rifle to be an A-Square Hannibal chambered for your .577 A-Square Tyrannosaur (aka T-Rex) cartridge. The most an effective sporting arm/ ammo combo in the World. Indeed, the terrible recoil needs to be regulated by the existence of three mercury recoil reducers in the stock. However, even with them and also a chunky 13lb load the recoil energy is around 170 ft/lbs… That’s more than one and a half times the power of being shot in the shoulder with a .22 hole Point. Genuine fun, not.

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LAST opportunity SALOON

The genesis of A-Square together a cartridge and also rifle builder is nearly as vague as the identity of the founder and alphabetic surname donor, Arthur Alphin. Faster references placed the company start date at about 1976 through the .577 T-Rex surfacing in 1993 as a wholly brand-new design of rimless, bottlenecked cartridge propelling a 750-grain .585” monolithic hard pill. Performance was atop the seriously ‘Big Five’ league, with a asserted speed the 2,460 fps, equating come a muzzle power of 10,180 ft/lbs. When introduced it was declared that the cartridge was arisen as a ‘get the end of jail’ follow-up ring for use by skilled escorts as soon as their paying clients has only flourished in annoying their target through a wayward shot.

Whilst the Sharps Rifle company had hosted a regulating interest in A-Square due to the fact that 2010, castle closed their doors in late 2011 and also that appeared to it is in the ends of matters. However, a year later the staying title and assets were moved to the Sharps Rifle firm but nothing come of that. In Feb 2013 the phoenix arose when Sharps Rifle team including A-Square were got by the Broadsword Group and also production restarted.


Handloading this monster is not around saving money, or tuning the performance to your rifle or shoot application. After all, there is really only one commercially available rifle and in a great year you may fire a dozen rounds. You’ll probably handload this cartridge for the hell that it!

Materials and also data room available, albeit indigenous a selection of novel sources. Brass is at this time only offered under the A-Square banner and also bullets indigenous A-Square, Barnes (.583) and Cutting sheet Bullets as well as traditionally created 650, 750 and also 900-grain pills native Woodleigh. Loading data requires either an invest in the A-Square tome or recommendation to a pair of credible net sites. Just three propellants room generally said as being for sure for use in this monster, Hodgdon H4831, IMR 4350 and also Alliant RL19. Factory duplication with the Barnes solid requires a really compressed (long fall tube) fee of 180-grains that Reloader19 and also a hefty roll crimp. Federal 215 primers it seems ~ to it is in the preferred starter. Dies have actually been provided by both A-Square and also RCBS return current access is unclear. The 3 die set from RCBS to be priced in ~ $470 from an American supplier and over £610 native a UK source.

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Rifles? Ah yes, you can pick up a second-hand Hannibal with less than ten rounds on the clock because that under $4500. That’s around a brand-new Landrover less in price than most of the other custom ‘Big Five’ offerings. Just remember, the does no come with complimentary medical care.