Looking in ~ this, you watch what is necessary to accessibility the Tensioner pulley. Then get the tools forced for this job.

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13mm socket serpentine belt tool(can rent from parts store)

pry bar 15 mm six-point socket works best

Phillips head screwdriver

3/8 drive ratchet

And a great pair the wheel chocks or 2 pieces of wood and It’s a good thought to have these in location while functioning on your auto any means you wouldn’t desire your car to operation away from girlfriend while her under the hood.


A pair of lumber blocks would work-related as well. Yet I made these negative boys. Remember safety and security first.

Lucky because that me this automobile was absent its plastic shields underneath the car. Yet with this car, i didn’t need to go under that to usage my serpentine belt tool. It’s much easier from up top anyway, also if this automobile had the consist of on it. You need to have a flashlight to heat it increase or view the hole or square notch in the wheel arm.

So back to the project, you very first remove the air filter box v a torq screwdriver, then a 5/16 socket because that the hose clamps at the inlet, there is a clip in through the fender. BE mindful here, utilizing a flat tip screwdriver and patience! girlfriend may need to push the height of the box towards the left next or in the direction of the driver next to gain this bugger out!!! Sorry i didn’t get THAT picture. Eliminate the bottom ar with an 8 millimeter, 1/4 customs drive socket on an extension, there is only one.


Best usage a to remove this one instead of a screwdriver.


One of this bolts is just that. A bolt. The various other bolt is a guide. Now the fun begins getting come the pulley. Prior to you eliminate the belt, you must check and see if your auto has a sticker for the belt routing diagram the would generally be top top the radiator covering or the underside of the hood from the manufacturer.


Belt Diagram before tackling this task be certain you have taken a photo of the belt routing or drawn a photo of it on a item of paper. I promise that will conserve you a huge headache Later.

If girlfriend can’t discover it you have to take pictures or attract a diagram before removing the belt therefore you have a overview to reference. Now, because that the remove of the belt tensioner pulley. The bolt size is 15mm on my 3/8 drive ratchet. But only to rest it. I used a shallow socket because I was short on room here! bland front-wheel-drive cars! LOL! i finished v an opened finished 15 mm wrench, then finger the from there. It’s a tight an are holding the pulley-block tight against the engine to gain the bolt out, what a pain! Oh, through the way, we additionally replaced ours belt here. That was obtaining pretty smooth NOW! Okay, the Tensioner wheel is out! now in this automobile remember that goes on backward. You will see a small knob on one next that’s the back. This goes against the engine. Together an alignment knob only.


Remember to compare your old component to your new part.


pay close fist to the knob on the brand-new part and your old part this knob goes into the engine my bolt is in wrong. Just for an instance to no do.

Then once you have the pulley mounting bolt started you far better start the belt behind it and watch the rest of the darn belt, it will move like a slippery line on you!!!! If you’re no replacing her belt, just have a pry bar or long screwdriver hold it for you uneven you currently have the Tensioner.


This is the correct means to install this tensioner.

Anyway earlier to the reinstall, feed the belt under the pulley, and try to store the stress and anxiety at the exact same time till you’re all set to usage the serpentine belt device one last time. Yay! The component is finished!


Re-installing our tensioner and a new belt. Now looking bottom our bolt isn’t every the means in and tighten under we wanted to obtain our belt in an initial while whatever is still loosened and we had actually plenty the wiggle room because that our belt routing.

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Checking every little thing one critical time before starting the vehicle to be certain it’s yes, really finished and no extra bolts or nuts other than for screws because that the airbox then reinstall the box after everything checks the end fine. YAY! We room finished! victory Cruise.