Changing the transmission fluid on her 1999 Toyota Camry might seem like a difficult and comprehensive job, but it is actually a straightforward procedure that must take much less than a half-hour come complete. This procedure have to be done consistently to ensure the you store your infection running properly and efficiently. If continuous fluid checks and also changes are not done, you can end up through a damaged infection that would be costly to repair.

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Buy a transmission filter, gasket and also fluid from an auto components store. You can look in the components book listed on location or the auto components employees can help carry out the exactly fluid, gasket and also filter you the need.

Position her Camry top top jacks or ramps to have access to the underside of her engine. Interact the emergency brake to make certain the vehicle does no move throughout this process.

Crawl under the engine and look for the rectangle infection pan. There will be a drain plug next to this pan. Place the fluid drip pan under the drainpipe plug to capture the fluid.

Grab your 3/8-inch socket wrench and also loosen the drainpipe plug. Permit the liquid to drainpipe thoroughly, around 10 minutes. While you wait, fill the new filter with liquid and carry out a seal top top the filter gasket by dipping her finger in fluid and running it around the edges.

Remove all the bolts that host the infection pan in place, other than for one bolt on each side that the pan. Ease the four remaining bolts about halfway to enable the transmission fluid to pour out of the pan. Reposition the drip pan if you needed to catch the fluid.

Remove two opposing bolts top top the pan when the liquid stops putting out. Brace the transmission pan with among your hands together you eliminate the last two bolts. The pan will still have fluid in it, so reduced the pan closely and enable it to drain into the drip pan.

Wipe the within of the transmission pan and also the magnet located on the pan v clean shop towels or record towels. Remove the pan gasket v a plastic scraper together a metal one might scratch the surface. Place the new gasket ~ above the pan and also hold it in location with among the bolts to protect against shifting.

Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws that host the old infection filter in place, and then flip the filter over on the drip pan to permit it to drain prior to disposing that it. Fill the new filter v fresh transmission liquid and provide a seal through dipping your finger in the fluid and rubbing the on the outer gasket that the filter. Attach the new filter.

Carefully place the cleaned pan and brand-new gasket right into place. Screw in every the bolts till they room halfway tightened, then usage a back-and-forth sequence to tighten them all of the way.

Open the hood and also secure it open. Find the red-handled infection dipstick and remove it. Using a funnel, include three qts. Of transmission fluid.

Turn your engine on and lower your truck turn off of the ramps or jacks. Permit the engine idle for 5 to 10 minute to let the liquid get warm and expand to gain a correct liquid reading.

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Check your liquid level by wiping your dipstick v a shop bath towel or paper towel and also dip the in. You desire the fluid to read at the optimal line. Add fluid a small at a time and keep checking until your get the proper reading. Replace the dipstick into the holder and lower hood.